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Blog: Get inspired every day

A Daily Prayer

No matter what kind of spiritual or religious way of life we may lead, prayer is a wonderful way to express our intentions and to welcome healing and well-being into…

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Thanksgiving Meditation

'Thanksgiving' is a tradition in the United States, of giving thanks. The celebration falls on the on the fourth Thursday of November, which is on the 24th this year. Friends, family and communities…

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Lotus of Compassion

We can think of the beautiful lotus flower as a symbol that reminds us to show compassion. Compassion is powerful and it makes the world a much better place to…

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Inspired to Focus

In a world with so many distractions, we need to protect one of our most precious resources, namely: attention. Sometimes we may feel unable to focus on the task before…

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A Bias for Taking Action

"What do I want to achieve?" By answering this question, we begin to formulate our intentions. Once we have set our intentions, we can put them into action. And when…

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Guided by Belief

Like a key that opens a lock, helpful beliefs open us up to thrive in a fulfilling life. Unconscious beliefs exert very strong influences on us. Therefore, we can benefit…

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Welcome to my blog!

My blog is all about getting inspired every day. When reading these posts, I hope that they will leave you feeling inspired  - and that it helps you to take…

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