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Receiving a healing transfer from Sabine, complete the contact form below and she will be in contact with you (please allow up to 48 hours before sending another request):


    What Happens During a Healing Session?

    During an Energy Transfer session, I act as a positive channel to receive and send energy to where it is needed within a person’s system, so as to restore optimal balance, body function and to stimulate the body in its own recuperation.

    How Does it Work?

    I am able to feel a person’s specific energy needs and can then direct my energy transfer to where it is required.

    Since the technique does no harm, anyone (young and old, from any religious or spiritual background) that needs healing energy can receive the energy transfer to improve their wellbeing.

    Can You Heal Me?

    I help you to improve and preserve your own health. Through my Energy Transfers, I support my clients in developing their power of concentration. Then together, we discover the doorway through which to step for inviting more energy and joy into your life.

    Through healing, you improve the quality of your life. Energy transfers stimulate the power of the body’s natural recovery system, delivering physical and psychological wellbeing.

    Energy medicine is a modern approach to optimal health. Energy transfers support and work in tandem with any other conventional medicine or medical treatments; they are not meant to replace traditional medicine or other kinds of therapy.

    What Will I Receive?

    The result is a return to balance in mind, body, and spirit where you will experience a decrease in daily stress and pain.


    Sabine Thomas makes no promises, guarantees, representations, and or warranties regarding medical diagnosis or medical treatment, and is neither diagnosing, preventing nor treating specific health challenges. You are solely responsible for your medical care. Art of Healing cannot substitute for the advice of a medical professional (physician, psychiatrist, psychologist, nurse, or pharmacist). Sabine Thomas is not offering or rendering medical advice, diagnosis or treatment or otherwise engaging in the practice of medicine.

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