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I’m writing to you to express my deepest gratitude for the help you have given me. As you know, I was extremely tired and emotionally exhausted when I met you. Being the mother of 2 young children, I was struggling with my everyday life and I was feeling guilty and overwhelmed. I have been battling depression for many years and was taking antidepressant medication to help me cope with the aftermath of a very difficult childhood and did many years of therapy with a psychiatrist. It’s something I had kept secret and buried deep inside me so almost no one around me knew about it. I was able to present a happy and cheerful face to the world while I was slowly dying inside. I was not expecting anything during our 1 to 1 session but something incredible happened. During the Energy transfer, and without you touching me, I have felt extreme pain to my hand as if someone was stabbing me. I was completely taken aback as I was not expecting anything like that- but you have managed to find some old pain from my childhood that I had forgotten about and got rid of it. I think you have helped me to re-balance my body and felt like a “spring clean” was done inside my body and mind. Since the transfer, it feels like a huge cloud and weight were lifted off of me- I feel much less tired, my mind is so much more positive and I feel like I have rediscovered the joy of being alive. I feel I am now able to be the person I was supposed to be, be the best mother I can be for my boys and give love to those around me. I know it’s only the beginning and I am planning on joining your remote healing/ energy transfer sessions as much as I can, as well as having 1 to 1 session whenever possible but I am so looking forward to continuing on this journey of healing with you. Thank you for your help and for sharing your gift with us. With my immense gratitude,


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