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Nkosi was 4 years old when his family came to see Sabine. They had a terrible car accident and the surgeon had to amputate his right arm. Unfortunately, the wound would not heal and after 10 days the infection was really jeopardising his health. Nkosi could not sleep. He was in pain. He was very agitated. The physical and emotional adjustment of losing a limb was affecting him tremendously. His family was in despair. A friend advised them to visit Sabine for a healing session. In the middle of this first session, Nkosi fell asleep for 18 hours. It was clear that he needed this rest in order to start his healing process. The following day, Nkosi came back excited for his next session, no longer nervous. After 4 sessions, Nkosi was back at school with a closed wound on his road to complete recovery.


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