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A journey of progress

Some journeys have clear destinations and others are filled with unexpected turns.

We all face challenges on our paths to achieving our goals. Sometimes, negative thoughts or setbacks can leave us feeling discouraged. But, what if we re-framed those thoughts, and saw them as opportunities for growth?

A growth mindset empowers us to realise our dreams, by overcoming challenges and achieving our goals. Instead of saying ‘I can’t’, we can say ‘I am not there yet, I am getting there’ – and in that way, we can re-frame any negative thoughts. We can assure ourselves that we are getting there. It is happening. Harnessing the power of optimism encourages us to keep taking action and persevere through it all, to achieve our goals.

This meditation is aimed at combining the power of optimism with action through powerful visualisation.

Journey of progress meditation

As I start reading or listen to this meditation, I focus for a few moments on my natural breathing.

I imagine myself standing somewhere along my journey. I am holding a beautiful, hand-drawn map in my hands. This map represents my goals and aspirations. I take a moment to visualize my destination clearly – I explore what can this journey symbolise and I explore destinations that resonate with my values, aspirations, and sense of purpose.

I envision fulfillment and joy

  • I imagine a destination that brings me immense joy and contentment. This could be a physical location or a more abstract concept.I reflect on the types of places, activities and experiences that would give me a sense of fulfillment.

I envision personal growth

  • The journey anddestination represent my potential for growth and learning. This could be a challenging environment that pushes me to develop new skills, or activities and experiences where knowledge and creativity flourish. How would I feel on this journey and in this place? What would I be learning or exploring there?

I envision contribution and purpose

  • I imagine ajourney and destination where I am making a positive contribution to the world. This could be a cause that I champion, or a project I have brought to life. What impact would I be creating on this journey and in this destination? Who would benefit from my presence?

I envision inner peace and harmony

  • I visualize ajourney and destination that brings me inner peace, calm and serenity. This could be a natural landscape, a state of mind or doing something that I love. How would I feel in this peaceful journey and at this destination? I imagine the kinds of elements that would contribute to a sense of calm and harmony.

I envision limitless possibilities

I imagine a place that transcends limitations. This could be anything my mind can envision: a realm of pure possibility.  What would be unique and extraordinary about this boundless destination? How would I feel on a journey and at a destination that is completely free from limitations?

I see a path unfolding before me, winding through a peaceful landscape. This path represents the journey that I am creating for myself. It may have gentle curves, open fields, and perhaps even a few unexpected detours. As I adapt my strategy, I feel the renewed optimism surge within me.

I visualize myself confidently taking steps forward on the path, fueled by my optimistic outlook. With each step, my optimism grows stronger, and my motivation to keep going increases. I remind myself that every step I take, no matter how small, brings me closer to my destination. In a sense my journey is also a destination.

As I continue my journey, I embrace the unexpected. My journey may have setbacks, but I remind myself, that each step I take, no matter how small, is progress. I know that, with consistent action, I can reach many destinations. With each step, I visualize a positive affirmation:

  • I am capable
  • I am learning and growing
  • I am moving forward
  • I am getting closer
  • Action breeds optimism

I am translating my optimism into actionable steps. With each step, I reinforce the cycle of optimism-action optimism-action, my optimism is calling on me to take action.  By combining optimism with action, I can create a powerful force that propels me forward on my journey of progress.

Filled with a sense of liberation, I visualize myself achieving my goals, which strengthens my commitment, optimism and motivation.

How will I translate my optimism into action at each step of the way?

I take a moment to reflect on this question. By taking consistent, positive steps, I fuel the cycle of optimism and action, propelling me forward on my journey of progress. I have the power within me to overcome challenges and achieve incredible things. Even repeating affirmations each morning can be a powerful way to translate optimism into action. I celebrate progress, no matter how small. I embrace the journey.

As this meditation comes to an end, I carry the sense of empowered optimism and action within me.

Journey of progress affirmations

  • I have a growth mindset
  • I have an optimistic outlook
  • I can do this!
  • I translate optimistic thinking into actionable steps
  • My journey is valuable even if some of my destinations are abstract
  • I reinforcethe cycle of optimism-action that fuels my journey of progress
  • As I continue on my journey, I see the incredible things I can achieve

Journey of progress Reappraisals

When faced with a detour, a challenge, an unexpected turn, I remember the visualization from this meditation. I acknowledge the experience, the emotions and pay attention to the feelings in my body. If the feelings are very strong, I can modulate them to be tolerable. Throughout the day, I re-frame the unexpected turns as opportunities to learn and grow. I set small, achievable goals and celebrate my ongoing progress.

Looking at things from a different angle can be very liberating. Instead of seeing unexpected turns as obstacles, I see them as opportunities to learn and adapt. Instead of seeing obstacles as a failure, I see it as a learning experience. I visualize myself calmly assessing the situation and developing a new strategy to continue my journey. This could involve trying a different route, taking a moment to rest and appreciate the scenery, or simply reminding myself of my goals and the progress I have already made.

If negative thoughts or setbacks cloud my path… I re-frame those thoughts and see them as opportunities for exploration.

I use optimism and action to overcome challenges and continue my journey of progress.

Sabine Thomas

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