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Open-mindedness is essential for a happy and fulfilling life. It allows us to learn new things, grow as individuals, and build strong relationships. Narrow-mindedness, on the other hand, can lead to isolation, ignorance, and prejudice. The Power of Seeing the…

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Patience is power

Patience is a skill that takes time and practice to develop. But it is a skill that is well worth developing, because patience is power. It allows us to make wise decisions, to take action from a place of inner…

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Experiencing inner peace

Inner peace is like a big sky within, which holds space for all of our experiences. This space cannot be disturbed by worries, hardship, distressing emotions, stress or any other difficult experiences. Becoming aware of inner peace and tapping into…

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Practicing affirmations

When we repeat affirmations, we embed them into our subconscious minds, which enable these ideas to permeate our thoughts, behaviour and even the emotions that arise. Each one of us resonate with different affirmations at different times, based on what…

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Letting go

Pressures and expectations are a natural part of life, but at times it can get a bit too much or may seem unbearable. Finding good ways to cope with pressure can be life-changing. Without even realising it, we may put…

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