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A journey of progress

Some journeys have clear destinations and others are filled with unexpected turns. We all face challenges on our paths to achieving our goals. Sometimes, negative thoughts or setbacks can leave us feeling discouraged. But, what if we re-framed those thoughts, and saw…

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North Star Polaris With Mountain Peak

Kindness is my North Star

Have you ever felt adrift or unsure of your direction in life? Perhaps the world can sometimes feel chaotic, leaving you searching for a guiding light. For me, that guiding light is kindness. Like the unwavering North Star, its constant presence offers…

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Leaning into infinity

Infinity is a symbol of liberation Infinity is a tangible force that shapes our reality. The universe itself is a testament to the power of infinity - constantly expanding and evolving without bounds. Within us lies the same capacity for limitless personal…

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Open-mindedness is essential for a happy and fulfilling life. It allows us to learn new things, grow as individuals, and build strong relationships. Narrow-mindedness, on the other hand, can lead to isolation, ignorance, and prejudice. The Power of Seeing the…

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Patience is power

Patience is a skill that takes time and practice to develop. But it is a skill that is well worth developing, because patience is power. It allows us to make wise decisions, to take action from a place of inner…

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