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Developing higher awareness

Having higher awareness refers to becoming more aware of what is going on right now. It also results in altered states of brain function, relaxation and increased well-being. Regular meditators use more of their brain and the signals are more powerful.

Each moment in life, presents it a gift in the form of a lived experience. By noticing and observing that every moment and every experience has a mixture of familiarity and uniqueness, we can evoke in ourselves a state of high awareness.

This high awareness continues to bring amazing possibilities. The more we live in this state, the more we evolve in all the ways that let us thrive, and be more connected, at peace and happy.

While reading this meditation, please take some pauses to notice and observe:

Higher Awareness Meditation

  • I take some time to become aware of and observe the sensations in my body.
  • I notice what I am feeling right now without trying to change anything.
  • I take some time to notice what I can hear right now and I observe the sounds.
  • I take some time to notice my attitudes and intentions and observe them.
  • I notice and observe how I live my life, without judgement.
  • I notice any attitudes or prejudices that I may hold.
  • I notice my intentions – how I want to show up in the world.
  • I am becoming more aware of who I am and how I want to live my life.
  • I take time to become more aware of what is going on inside of me without any judgement.
  • By doing this meditation, I am developing a state of high awareness, which:
  • Increases my capacity for imagination and learning.
  • Increases my confidence and resilience for taking on big goals.
  • Increases my happiness, calm and peace.
  • Expands my capacity for being inspired.
  • High awareness reduces negative, intrusive thoughts.
  • I let go of any misguided need for control.
  • I let go of any misguided avoidance strategies.
  • I become more accepting and non-judgemental.
  • I become kinder towards myself and others.
  • I become more curious and observant of inner and outer experiences.
  • I become more aware that every moment in life is unique.
  • I become more aware of, and present, in the flow of life.
Sabine Thomas

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