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A Bias for Taking Action

“What do I want to achieve?” By answering this question, we begin to formulate our intentions. Once we have set our intentions, we can put them into action. And when we encounter a setback or problem, we can find inspiration to overcome the challenges and we can keep going.

When we recharge our inspiration over and over again, we develop a lingering sense of being inspired. We develop a bias towards taking action and towards facing the challenges head-on. It is said that people who achieve their goals and dreams usually have a bias towards taking action. This is common sense and a recipe for success.

When we experience the challenges that come along, and we notice that we start to waver, we can find the inspiration and support we need to stay on track. Over time we develop emotional resilience and wisdom for handling those head-winds, just like a wind-surfer or sailor does when they skillfully  sail into the wind.

  • Reappraisals: What do I want my life to be like? I want the actions that I take to be inspired by my goals and dreams. I want thousands of big and small actions to add up into making my goals and dreams a reality. How can I maintain inspiration? I can develop a strong habit of seeking out inspiration every day. I can become more aware of what kinds of things inspire me. I can embed inspiration into my goals. If I surround myself with people who have a bias for action, they may inspire me by example and by sharing the wisdom that they acquired from their experiences. Once I am inspired, I know that I will make good decisions and I will make my very best effort when I take action.
  • Affirmations:
    I know what I want and I take action to achieve it
    I do not leave my dreams to chance, I take action
    With my spark ignited, it is time to take action
Sabine Thomas

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