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Welcome to my blog!

My blog is all about getting inspired every day. When reading these posts, I hope that they will leave you feeling inspired  – and that it helps you to take your resilience and well-being to the next level.

Make ‘getting inspired’ a part of your daily routine. When you get into the habit of feeling inspired, new inspiration can arise spontaneously and unexpectedly. Every moment of feeling inspired, can make a big difference in your life and the results that you achieve.

In these posts, you will find a combination of approaches to encourage inspiration, ranging from compassion, emotional regulation, reappraisals, affirmations, and meditation.

The world needs inspired people!

One might ask: What role does inspiration play in my life?

When the going gets tough, inspiration helps us to keep going.

  • We can be inspired by believing in our abilities to solve problems.
  • We can be inspired by being accepted for our authentic selves.
  • We can be inspired to work towards greater harmony among people.
  • We can be inspired to take action and to exceed expectations.
  • We can be inspired to stretch ourselves and keep learning.
  • We can be inspired to do our best and to focus attention.
  • We can be inspired to keep going until we succeed.
  • We can be inspired to break unhealthy habits and overcome stagnation.
  • We can be inspired to feel optimistic, enthusiastic and see possibilities.
  • We can be inspired to be leaders and make a difference.
  • We can be inspired by the wisdom of children and the elderly.
  • We can be inspired to make interesting, healthy food.
  • We can be inspired to get fit, take a walk or do something fun.
  • We can improve lifestyles, relationships, perceptions and attitudes.
  • We can overcome doubt, regulate fear and build resilience.
  • We can get organised and break through perceived limits.

Inspiration helps us define what we want for our lives.

  • Inspiration energises and motivates us and supports our well-being.
  • Inspiration stimulates beneficial emotions that can fuel our creativity.
  • Inspiration empowers us toward unlimited thought and action.
  • Inspiration open us up to improvise and to try something new.
  • Inspiration can help us to express ourselves in a creative way.
  • Inspiration can help determine the direction of our lives.

I would love it if you could share your thoughts in the comments!

Sabine Thomas

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