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Guided by Belief

Like a key that opens a lock, helpful beliefs open us up to thrive in a fulfilling life. Unconscious beliefs exert very strong influences on us. Therefore, we can benefit greatly from cultivating positive and neutral beliefs that help us to stay on track toward our goals and dream. Over time, when our chosen beliefs become familiar and embedded into our subconscious patterns of thinking, they evoke a lingering sense of calm and self-confidence. We can gain so many benefits from cultivating helpful beliefs, like motivation, confidence, focused attention, increased emotional resilience, and new choices.

False beliefs offer a false sense of familiarity and safety that can misguide us. When negative, self-limiting beliefs arise in our awareness, we can simply acknowledge that they exist. We can label them as false and give them a low priority. This labeling and awareness of false beliefs, start to erode their influence. By using reappraisals and affirmations, we can discourage ourselves from being misdirected or held back by unhelpful beliefs. We can affirm to ourselves that we can choose what influence we want any belief to have on us, if any. Over time the unhelpful belief will lose its ability to misguide us, while helpful beliefs become more influential.

Helpful, healthy self-belief is an enduring resource that promotes well-being. We can develop and strengthen a confident inner voice that says: “I can do it”. With this confidence in our abilities, we can ‘move mountains’ – we can ‘put the show on the road’.


  • Reappraisals: I nurture beliefs that align with my values and guide me toward well-being, empowerment, self-expression, happiness and a fulfilling life. I recognise that I may experience a strong attachment to familiar beliefs, even if they are unhelpful. I become more resilient by becoming aware, without judgement of the pull of any unhelpful beliefs. I choose to be guided by beliefs that support my well-being. I let positive, helpful, constructive beliefs settle into my unconscious mind. I consciously develop familiarity with well-being and happiness. I train my brain to support healthy beliefs. I set the intention that my limbic system identify helpful, positive and neutral beliefs as familiar and safe. I make new choices that reflect what I deem to be really safe and beneficial.
  • Affirmations:
    The fact that a belief is familiar, doesn’t make it helpful
    All inner misguidance can and will dissolve
    I cultivate helpful, empowering beliefs
    I nurture beliefs that build my confidence
    I can do it
Sabine Thomas

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