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Lotus of Compassion

We can think of the beautiful lotus flower as a symbol that reminds us to show compassion. Compassion is powerful and it makes the world a much better place to live in. When we acknowledge the experiences of one another, the joys, hopes, dreams, and suffering, we contribute to each other’s well-being and healing from emotional wounds.

We can increase our compassion by trying to imagine what it would feel like to stand in someone else’s shoes in any given situation. This will strengthen the relationship and it will benefit both parties in many ways. Compassion brings peace and harmony and helps us to let go of negative thoughts, animosity, and judgment. Compassion lets us experience a sense of connectedness, tenderness, and openness. By practicing compassion, we train our minds to be at peace.


If you want others to be happy,
practice compassion.
If you want to be happy,
practice compassion.
Dalai Lama


  • Reappraisal:
    I pay attention and listen attentively when someone tells me about something good or difficult that they experienced. I acknowledge their joy and suffering. I look beyond our differences. I find out from them, what they are going through. I am mindful and listen with full attention when they explain to me how they feel. I get a sense of the joy or pain that they are experiencing. I learn about what they are experiencing, without judging them. I acknowledge their joys and suffering.
    I try to look at the situation from their perspective to fully understand the effect that it has on them. I acknowledge and validate their experience with a caring nod. I can tell them in a caring tone of voice, what I am understanding about their experience. If they need encouragement, I offer it to them. I share in their joy and I express the hope that their hopes will be realised, that their suffering will be alleviated or that their situation will be improved.
  • Affirmations:
    Practicing compassion heals
    I give and receive healing and joy
    Compassion makes the world a better place
    I am deeply grateful for receiving compassion from others
Sabine Thomas

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