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I believe in myself

Self-belief is a powerful undercurrent that has a huge influence on our lives. We can harness self-belief to make our lives amazing. Our self-empowering beliefs are the wind in our sails.

Self-belief meditation with affirmations:

In this meditation I will reclaim and affirm my self-belief…

  • I live by the motto that: “I believe in myself”
  • I belong
  • I am worthy of love and acceptance
  • I am good enough
  • I see possibilities
  • I can make it happen
  • I believe that I will find a way
  • I will make it work
  • I can achieve anything
  • I am determined to get things done
  • I focus on abundance
  • I search out opportunities
  • I have what it takes
  • I take action every day
  • I focus on the next step
  • I focus on moving forward
  • I make good things happen
  • I trust that I will figure it out
  • I watch what I say to myself
  • I empower myself with confident self-talk
  • I don’t let anything keep me down
  • I see failures as a part of learning and growing
  • I am determined to make it happen
  • I wholeheartedly believe that nothing can stop me
  • I believe that everything will work out
  • I find my strengths and I develop more strengths
  • I can have the life of my dreams
  • The changes that I want are possible
  • With each step on the way, my self-belief grows
  • My daily progress boosts my confidence


If a belief is unhelpful, I change it. If the way I see myself is not helpful, I change how I view myself. If it seems like I am stuck, I remind myself that things are always changing and I am changing. I have a growth mindset. I lean into change. I affirm that I will be patient and determined. My self-talk is self-empowering – it motivates and energises me. I feel agile and ready.

I may experience feelings of overwhelm, or disappointment, sadness or distress…

I notice, acknowledge and observe my feelings, the body sensations of my emotions. I recognise that all emotions bring insights, and that negative interpretations may be inaccurate. I recognise the auto-generated negative thoughts are not truth. I don’t give auto-generated negative thoughts any power over me. The less I engage them, the more they fade away. I notice and observe my thoughts and patterns of reactivity. When I embrace the emotions that arise, I free myself of unhelpful reactivity.

Sabine Thomas

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