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Gift of Inspiration

I have created a set of 42 inspiration cards for adults and a set for children, to provide a daily dose of inspiration. Inspiration can be an invisible driving force in our lives that energises us and helps us to be determined to stay the course.

When we are inspired, self-belief radiates from us: “I can do it!” Inspirational phrases help us to become more confident. By getting inspired every day, we develop constructive and beneficial ways of thinking about every aspect of life.

A great time for reading a card is in the mornings or at night, just before doing some meditation, or when taking a relaxing break during the day.

We can identify the words that resonate with us. By contemplating inspirational materials, it helps us to Identify what really gets us going.

I invite everyone to join me: “Let’s thrive on purpose by getting inspired every day!”

Inspiration reappraisals

When I get inspired, it empowers me. It influences my attitudes and actions. Inspiration increases my determination, confidence and belief that I can do anything that I set my mind to.

I find inspiration that increases my belief in my abilities. Inspiration helps me to focus on what I can do and what I can learn to do, and what others can help me to do.

I harness inspiration to be creative and to grow my potential – to remain hopeful and motivated to keep going. I gain helpful perspectives on the challenges in my life. I grow in compassion.

If I meditate on an inspirational idea, it has a powerful stimulating effect on my brain. It helps me to focus on constructive ideas and to solve problems.

The daily repetition of getting inspired helps me to have an inspired mindset and to explore new perspectives. It ignites my energy and determination to make things happen. A daily dose of inspiration generates the energy and motivation I need to thrive.

I cultivate the discipline of consistent effort and persistence. I become more resilient and I feel emotionally supported by the voices that echo through the ages. We are in this together.

I focus. I keep an open mind. I notice possibilities. I avoid the common pitfalls. I heal the wounds. I change the things that need to be changed. I direct my own path. I execute my vision and self-expression, often times, with the support of my friends.

I notice the things that may otherwise be overlooked. I appreciate all the wonderful things in my life.

I become curious and explore the unknown. I am a life-long learner. I enjoy the process of self-development and stretching my limits. I overcome misconception that I have about myself and others. I am reminded to have self-compassion and to nurture myself.

Gift of Inspiration Cards

As an inspiration coach and healer, I am creating content and tools to help you get inspired every day.


This deck of 42 inspiration cards are filled with words of hope and empowerment. Their focus is on developing helpful attitudes, a healthy mindset and empowering ourselves for positive changes. It also helps us to reflect on our lives.


The children’s deck of 42 affirmation cards (suitable for ages 5 to 12) encourage optimistic thinking. The cards are increasing one’s self-worth, self-assurance, adaptability, and the ability to set and adhere to healthy boundaries. An early start in cultivating good thinking habits is essential.

A set of Inspiration Cards is a unique gift, which can be enjoyed by  oneself or together with your loved ones. Begin the day with optimistic thinking and setting positive intentions.  Get inspired every day to keep going.

It’s a perfect gift… Contact me if you would like to order inspiration cards. For now they can only be delivered in South Africa.

Wishing you Light, Love, and an abundance of Inspiration, in your life.

Sabine Thomas

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