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Thanksgiving Meditation

‘Thanksgiving’ is a tradition in the United States, of giving thanks. The celebration falls on the on the fourth Thursday of November, which is on the 24th this year. Friends, family and communities gather together to enjoy good food and to give thanks for all their blessings. This beautiful tradition brings people together and strengthen their relationships.

Bringing this beneficial practice into our every day lives is easy. We can do so by practicing a ‘thanksgiving’ meditation, to inspire a deep, lingering sense of gratitude.

Thanksgiving Meditation

By meditating about thanksgiving,
I strengthen my commitment to recognise
that I have many reasons to give thanks, and
I have many reasons to feel blessed.

I appreciate living on our nurturing planet earth
I appreciate experiencing awe-inspiring nature
I appreciate all human endeavors to make
this world a better place for everyone.

I give thanks for being nurtured by planet earth
I give thanks for the molecules in my body
I give thanks for being inspired by nature
I give thanks for all the energies around us

I recognise amazing people,
the love and care between us,
and experiencing the highs and
lows together. Together we thrive

I give thanks for the love and respect
I give thanks for sharing the journey
I give thanks for your kindness
I give thanks for the support

I appreciate the people who offer
service to others and those who
put their own lives on the line
to protect the lives of others.

I give thanks for your courage
I give thanks for all your efforts
I give thanks for your compassion
I give thanks for your determination

I am grateful for everyone who blessed
my life – every blessing, big and small, like
feeling welcomed, nurtured, healed, inspired.
I appreciate the opportunities that I receive.

I give thanks for life experiences
I give thanks for opportunities to grow
I give thanks for advice and guidance
I give thanks that you believe in me

I appreciate myself for my self-compassion
I appreciate myself for being kind and patient
I appreciate myself for showing courage
I appreciate all the blessings of life

I give thanks to myself for self-compassion
I give thanks for seeking and sharing happiness
I give thanks for embracing the life-lessons
I give thanks for being on this journey of life

When I look for something to be grateful for,
I find an abundance of reasons for giving thanks.
Expressing my appreciation, makes me happy.
I appreciate being in this present moment.
I am grateful for sunrise and sunset.

Before I get up, I give thanks.
Before I go to sleep, I give thanks.
I give thanks for the past and the future.
I give thanks for the present moment.

I look for all the good that is in my life
I find a feeling of gratitude in my heart
I appreciate friends and loved ones
My quest to be grateful transforms me

I give thanks for the good in my life
I give thanks for feelings of gratitude
I give thanks that I am loved
I give thanks that I am happy

When I think about life’s blessings,
a sense of gratitude fills my being.

I say it in my mind: Thank you! Life and Universe
I say it out loud to others: Thank you!

Sabine Thomas

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