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Experiencing inner peace

Inner peace is like a big sky within, which holds space for all of our experiences. This space cannot be disturbed by worries, hardship, distressing emotions, stress or any other difficult experiences. Becoming aware of inner peace and tapping into the tranquility and calm is beneficial to our well-being in many ways.

How can we connect with our inner peace?

NATURE: We can relax and get in touch with our inner peace when we go outdoors into nature or spend time in a beautiful green space where we can notice how everything is inter-connected, in the timeless flow of life.

REALITY: Inner peace awareness makes it easier to embrace reality and to cope with all of life’s ups and downs. Embracing reality, as it is, also strengthens our connection with our own inner peace.

PRESENT MOMENT FOCUS: We can feel more at peace, when we are not invested in the outcome, but rather when we focus on the present moment experiences.

MENTAL PEACE: By enriching our thoughts with affirmations about inner peace, and with other content about being peaceful and with calming self-talk – we become more aware of our inner peace. When we consistently disengage intrusive thoughts, it also helps to promote lasting mental peace.

What helps you to connect with your inner peace?

What brings me peace?

  • Self-compassion
  • Living in the here and now
  • Letting go of past mistakes
  • Calming and peaceful affirmations and self-talk
  • Letting worries about the past or future arise and fade
  • Embracing, acknowledging and observing all emotions that arise
  • Not over-engaging or fixating on difficult emotions
  • Peacefully expressing and regulating difficult emotions
  • Remaining at peace and calm, even while experiencing difficult emotions
  • Accepting that some things are unpredictable
  • Striving for harmony with within myself and with others
  • Reappraising limiting beliefs and ideas
  • Spending time in nature or green spaces
  • Searching for the calm and stillness in life
  • Striving for love and understanding

Inner peace meditation

This meditation is a journey into my inner peace. I can sense my inner peace. I become aware that inner peace and calm is always present within. I observe the vastness of the inner peace within me – it is an inner peace that envelopes all else – it holds the space for all else to arise and fade away.

I let go. When I mindfully reflect on the past, it is only to heal, to learn from the experiences and to expand my inner peace. Learning, gaining wisdom and understanding expands my inner peace and compassion. No matter how tough the challenge, I learn how to create space for it within my inner peace. I am at peace with the past. I do not dwell on the past. I let go of all bitterness, disappointments and regrets. When I let go, I experience an abundance of peace.

I focus on the present and I feel at peace. When I am mindful, I am at peace. My inner peace nurtures my life.

Affirmations: Inner peace

  • I always aim for peace and harmony
  • My inner peace shines through the chaos
  • I am calm, even in the midst of the chaos
  • I hold high my white flag of peace and compassion
  • Peace follows in my footsteps of love and acceptance
  • My inner peace lets me be at peace with others
  • I am aware of my inner peace, no matter what
  • I experience a pervasive sense of inner peace
  • I want to have more peaceful thoughts
  • My thoughts and behaviour are calm
  • I am at peace with myself and others
  • I cultivate a sense of inner peace
  • I nurture a blissful state of mind
  • Serene thoughts inspire peace in my life
  • Serene thoughts inspire strength in me
  • I remain centered and at peace
  • I remind myself to be calm
  • I live my life in peace

Reappraisals: Inner peace

My approach to life is realistic and accepting. I embrace my experiences, not resisting, but leaning into the flow of life – with a sense of inner peace. I experience a lasting sense of inner peace.

If I feel that I want to be more relaxed and experience more peace, I only have to become fully aware of and observe the serene inner space, which is my inner peace. I notice how my inner peace is enveloping all of my experiences. My inner peace is vast like the big sky and always available to hold every and all experiences. When I am aware of my inner peace, I am calm and grounded. I can respond peacefully and calmly when difficult experiences arise.

When I face a challenge, I first get in touch with my inner peace. I can peacefully handle anything that may arise. I am the architect who builds towards my peace of mind, serenity, compassion and integrity.  I choose to respond in ways that brings me peace and joy.

If stress or overwhelming experiences winds me up, I take time to do an inner peace meditation. I repeat some affirmations and I do some of the things that help me to find peace. I notice how my body responds by relaxing, my mind responds by becoming clear, calm and still. My entire body becomes at ease, with a relaxed readiness for the day ahead.

While life’s ups and downs happen, my inner peace remains steadfast.

Sabine Thomas

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