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Practicing affirmations

When we repeat affirmations, we embed them into our subconscious minds, which enable these ideas to permeate our thoughts, behaviour and even the emotions that arise.

Each one of us resonate with different affirmations at different times, based on what we want to experience or achieve. We can each put together a set of affirmations that is right of us for that particular moment in time. Over time our priorities may change and we could again find affirmations that cater to the new experiences and new needs that may arise.

Whatever our circumstances are, we can greatly improve the contents of our thoughts by repeating words of inspiration and ideas about perspectives, attitudes and any other ideas that are helpful and realistic. We can also incorporate affirmations into our own meditations.

Affirmations Meditation

My affirmations support me in many ways. I choose the affirmations that resonate with me in this moment. I love that my affirmations help me to manifest the life that I want.

I identify the affirmations that work best for me. I choose the affirmations that resonate with my aspirations. Some of my affirmations are about the things that I want to change. Some of my affirmations remind me about the goodness in my life and what I need and want. Some of my affirmations help me to change old, unhelpful beliefs and patterns of thinking.

I love and accept my chosen affirmations and repeat them many times every day. I create a very strong habit of repeating my affirmations – mentally or aloud. I am patient and I keep going until I see good results. When I consistently practice my affirmations, I enjoy more of the many benefits that I achieve.

My affirmations influence my thinking patterns and behavior for the better. I strengthen my beneficial thinking patterns. When I face a challenge, my beneficial thinking patterns help me to get inspired, to solve problems, to overcome adversity and to keep going.  Through my affirmations, I acknowledge the reality of any difficult circumstances and my ability to get through it and to thrive.

My affirmations inspire me every day in many ways – to improve my mindset or to do something. My affirmations re-enforce my strengths, resilience and my beliefs in my abilities and my worth. I put affirmations up where I can read them many times during the day.

Example Affirmations

An easy way to create a list of our own affirmations, is by searching through blogs and articles that have lists of affirmations to identify which ones ignite inspiration or can be adapted to fit the need. There are many more examples of affirmations in all of the blog posts on this site.

Affirmations: Difficult experiences

  • I do not go into denial in order to cope with difficult experiences
  • I acknowledge it, when I am going through a difficult experience
  • I acknowledge the difficult emotions that may arise
  • I tolerate uncomfortable emotions that may arise
  • I can modulate overwhelming emotions to be in a tolerable range
  • I find affirmations that inspire me during difficult experiences
  • From every experience, I gain wisdom and compassion
  • I remain focused to overcome challenges
  • I am inspired to respond to an ever changing environment
  • I know that I can handle this, I am able, strong and resilient
  • A lack of resources won’t make me give up, I make a plan
  • I know that I will to get through this difficult experience
  • I will survive the difficult experiences
  • I save resources for a rainy day
  • Everything will be OK

Affirmations: Inspiration

  • I make a point of getting inspired every day
  • Inspiration increases my awareness
  • I invite a mental, emotional and physical state of being inspired
  • Inspiration is a catalyst for building the life of my dreams
  • Being inspired increases my confidence and well-being
  • Life inspires me

Affirmations: Growth mindset

  • I embrace a growth mindset
  • ‘Mistakes’ are stepping stones
  • When I fall short, I always learn an important lesson
  • I do not make the same mistake over and over again
  • I strive to become really good at what I do
  • I embrace emotions as a growth experience
  • I learn how to make the most of my life
  • I make the most of my opportunities
  • The possibilities are infinite
  • I am open to new experiences
  • I keep learning, throughout life
  • I grow towards the good in life
  • I learn from others
  • I am always growing

Affirmations: Self-compassion

  • Only I can be me
  • I am happy to be me
  • I view myself in a positive light
  • I have the right to be myself
  • I am true to my authentic self
  • I embrace my uniqueness
  • I do not compare myself to others
  • I love and care for myself
  • I trust and respect myself
  • I appreciate my abilities
  • I embrace my strengths and I accept my limitations
  • I increase awareness of my joy, struggles, needs and desires
  • I acknowledge any joy and suffering that I am experiencing
  • I accept that I cannot please everyone all the time
  • I learn how overcome self-doubt
  • I am kind and patient with myself
  • I make good choices for myself
  • I am grateful for all that I have
  • I love, appreciate and accept myself
  • I affirm my self-worth

Affirmations: Endurance

  • I focus on what I can control
  • I am powerful in my own way
  • I figuer out what works for me
  • I buckle down, I get it done
  • I make the effort to finish the job
  • I am inspired to get things done
  • I keep going when things are difficult
  • I find workarounds for the issues
  • I believe that it is possible to accomplish my goals
  • I know that I have the ability to achieve my goals
  • I am willing and able, and I know I can achieve my goals
  • I am committed to grow and add value to my life and experiences
  • I am committed to obtain the resources that I need
  • I take action, my efforts will pay off
  • I don’t settle for excuses and blame
  • I expand my life
  • I prioritise
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